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Friday, May 14 Saturday, May 29 PDT
Seattle Art Book Fair

Seattle Art Book Fair presents Makeready 2021, a virtual event featuring over 35 artists, designers, printers, and publishers in a series of online conversations, studio visits, and workshops that explore the process of making an art book from start to finish. Makeready speakers will share a wide variety of work—from personal zines to one-of-a-kind artists’ books; from trade art/literary books to contemporary art editions.

May 14–15 / Week 1

Before a Book

Everything that happens as a book project is conceived. What inspires artists / designers to use this form? What about the form of the book lends itself to artistic and experimental expression? And for those new to the field, where should they look for inspiration and what do they need to get started?

May 21–22 / Week 2

Making a Book

The book-in-progress. What are the physical differences between a book, a zine, or a book-like thing? How do type and layout shape the way a publication is understood? When does format and material become as much content as text and image?

May 28–29 / Week 3

After a Book

How a book gets into the world. What are different methods for printing and binding a publication? What is the role of a publisher? How do artistic and experimental publications find their audiences?

About Seattle Art Book Fair

Seattle is renowned for its contributions to the arts and cultural communities. It has a long history of supporting books and publishing which led to it being named a UNESCO City of Literature in 2017. The Seattle Art Book Fair is modeled after the original New York and Los Angeles Art Book Fairs (established in 2004 and 2014, respectively), which are run by Printed Matter. Seattle will join a growing number of independent art book fairs on the west coast including the Vancouver Art Book Fair (est. 2006) and the San Francisco Art Book Fair (est. 2016). 

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