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Answers to common questions about Partners in Print and our letterpress classes, events, community programs, and funding.

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FAQ | About PiP

Is Partners in Print affiliated with the School of Visual Concepts?

Partners in Print (PiP) ​grew out of the ​19-year legacy of the School of Visual Concepts (SVC) Letterpress Program​, and is now its own independent arts organization based in Seattle, Washington.​ In the summer of 2020, SVC generously donated all of its letterpress equipment to PiP, and SVC and PiP continue to partner on special projects.

Is Partners in Print a non-profit?

Partners in Print (PiP) is able to operate as a non-profit because it is an Associated Program of Shunpike, a Seattle-based 501(c)(3) that empowers organizations through equitable access to vital expertise, opportunities, and business services. In other words, Shunpike is PiP’s fiscal sponsor. Donations to PiP are processed by Shunpike, and are tax-deductible.

Will PiP have a brick and mortar teaching shop again someday?

Yes! Our presses are ready to roll. Send us your leads on a beautiful storefront space for us in to activate in Seattle!

How do I contact Partners in Print?

The best way to initiate a conversation with us is by email. You can reach PiP’s Leadership Team by sending a note to hello@partnersinprint.org. More details can be found on PiP’s Contact page.

How can I stay up to date with PiP?

Subscribe to our mailing list and be the first to know about Partners in Print’s letterpress classes, events, and community programming. We email our newsletter, Fresh Ink, at the beginning of each month. We’ve also been known to send some pretty sweet things the analog way — if that sounds intriguing, be sure to include your mailing address.

You can also follow PiP on Instagram, and view videos on PiP’s YouTube channel.

FAQ | Funding & Donations

How is Partners in Print funded?

Partners in Print (PiP) is supported through a combination of donations, grants, and earned income from classes and our store. If you’re interested in supporting community-focused art and the craft of letterpress printing, we welcome many ways to give.

Are donations to Partners in Print tax-deductible?

Yes. Donations to Partners in Print are tax-deductible and processed by our fiscal sponsor, Shunpike — a Seattle-based 501(c)(3) that empowers artists through equitable access to vital expertise, opportunities, and business services. Be sure to check if your employer has a donation match program.

FAQ | Classes

Do I qualify for a PiP scholarship? 

Partners in Print is committed to inclusivity, and that means offering barrier-free tuition options wherever possible. We leave it up to you to decide if your income, wealth, or privilege status warrants a discount on tuition for PiP’s letterpress classes. If you are sponsored by your place of work, we ask that you pay full tuition. 

Where are Partners in Print classes held?

Right now all of our classes are held online, until we are able to re-establish a teaching space. Anyone can join PiP’s Long-Distance Letterpress classes, from virtually anywhere!

How big are PiP’s classes?

Long-Distance Letterpress classes range from 10–25 participants to ensure the best experience for both teachers and students.

Are PiP’s online classes live or recorded?

All of our classes are live, uncensored, and unrecorded — we find it’s a lot more fun and interactive this way. They are closed captioned using Zoom’s Live Transcription feature; to make the most of this tool, update to the most recent version of Zoom.

What is PiP’s cancellation and no-show policy?

If you cannot attend a class you’ve registered for, we encourage you to transfer your enrollment to an existing future class. We accommodate transfer or refund requests up to 24 hours before class starts. Simply reply to your order confirmation email with your request. Tuition refunds — less credit card fees — may take up to one week to process.

Other questions?

We’re happy to help. Email Partners in Print for assistance.