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Newsworthy tidbits featuring Partners in Print.

Save the date! Join PiP’s Jenny Wilkson at the April 9th Hamilton Hang

A pandemic can’t stop the presses. Or the letterpress community! Jenny Wilkson will discuss the evolution of Partners in Print and how the letterpress community can collaborate in a time of social distancing.

Engage, Inform, Print, Repeat: How Printers Work and Play in Democracy

Representatives from Partners in Print, the Press at MICA, and the Amalgamated Coloured Printers Association led a discussion with civic leaders on the power of the printed word, better communication through art, and mobilizing communities!

Hope is Action! Print Exchange

“Hope is not an emotion, it’s an action.” That powerful reminder sparked the Hope is Action! Print Exchange, hosted by The Printing Museum. Printers across the country will make meaningful works to share with their communities, inspire positive change, and put hope into action.

Words of Courage with Sierra Nelson, Ann Teplick, and Jenny Wilkson

WITS writers and PiP printers share the joy and heartbreak of helping young poets and patients of Seattle Children’s Hospital craft their own stories. The decade long collaboration between the Writers in the Schools program, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and Partners in Print illustrates how letterpress printing makes a meaningful impact in our community.

Creators: Plan What You Can, But Prepare for Twists and Turns

“We had no idea what we were getting into.” Follow the twists and turns of the Kickstarter campaign to print and publish the epic poem One River: A Thousand Voices by Washington State Poet Laureate Claudia Castro Luna. PiP’s Jenny Wilkson and Castro Luna offer valuable insights on navigating the uncharted waters of a crowdfunded letterpress project.

Words of Courage Highlight with EcoFibers

Eye-catching portfolios house the letterpress broadsides of young poets receiving treatment at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Book and letterpress artists from Partners in Print share the process of lovingly handcrafting fine book cloth donated by EcoFibers into an elegant presentation for this purpose-driven project.

Partners in Print at the Seattle Design Festival 2020

Design in Public’s Seattle Design Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary with the theme “About Time.” In partnership with Design in Public, artists from PiP amplify your messages of hope, community, social justice and resilience. Watch the power of your words cut through the digital noise as printers crank on vintage Vandercook presses with old school ink and paper.