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Newsworthy letterpress tidbits, featuring Partners in Print.

Print Activism Panel: Speak Up! Speak Out!

Join Ben Blount, Kadin Henningsen, and Kitty Koppelman on June 3, 2022 for an online panel centered on using letterpress printing as a vehicle to envision a more just world. Moderated by Catherine Alice Michaelis as part of DogEar Festival. All are welcome and no admission is required.

An outdoor arrangement of letterpress printing tools surrounded by yellow daffodils.

In-person Event: Plein Air Printing Parlour

Try your hand at letterpress printing with wood type! Visit the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art for PiP’s Plein Air Printing Parlour at DogEar Festival on Saturday, June 4, 2022. All are welcome and no admission is required.

Open Call for Presenters: Print Futures 2022

Print Futures is currently soliciting presentations from emerging letterpress printers who have an interesting project or experience in book arts, design, printmaking, or other related areas. Speakers 18 years or older are welcome to apply; the next deadline is June 20, 2022.

DogEar Festival 2022: A Celebration of Artists' Books (June 3–5, 2022)at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art.

DogEar: A Celebration of Artists’ Books

DogEar Festival 2022 features a full slate of in-person and virtual book arts programs at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA), including a gallery show dedicated to artists’ books. Visit on June 4, 2022 to letterpress print with PiP in the sunshine!

Vandercook press with a bright rainbow split fountain of ink and wood type that says "GIVE BIG", ready for letterpress printing.
Thank you for Giving BIG!

We’re humbled by how many of you showed up for our spring 2022 fundraising drive to support the letterpress community. If you missed the 48-hour whirlwind of GiveBIG, but were still hoping to make a gift to PiP, it’s not too late to invest in the power of print!

Collage of letterpress prints by Print Futures Spring 2022 cohort: Julia Syrzistie (Tartu, Estonia); Melissa Aytenfisu (Houston, Texas); Erin Moore (Baltimore, MD). Print Futures is co-produced by Partners in Print (PiP) and Letterpress Educators of Art & Design (LEAD).

Spring 2022 Print Futures Recap

On April 24 we had yet another stellar lineup of emerging letterpress artists at our free, quarterly installation of Print Futures. Julia Syrzistie (Warsaw, Poland), Melissa Aytenfisu (Houston, TX), and Erin Moore (Baltimore, MD) shared their unique paths to gaining letterpress experience.

National Poetry Month: PiP × The Stories of Arrival

With the injustice of war on our minds, PiP reached out to The Stories of Arrival: Refugee and Immigrant Youth Voices Poetry Project to collaborate on this year’s Poetry for Everyone offering. The program takes place at Foster High School in Tukwila, WA, one of the most culturally diverse high schools in the country. Participants in the program use the power of creative writing to reflect on the immigrant experience and envision a more peaceful and humane world.

Winter 2022 Print Futures Recap

February’s edition of Print Futures left us buzzing with inspiration! Three innovative emerging printers (Sara Luz Jensen, Matt Holmes, and Cinthia Marisol Lozano) shared their distinct approaches to contemporary letterpress.

Hamilton × PiP: Celebrating All Types

Celebrating All Types is a print movement that aims to inspire reflection and civic action among letterpress artists and the community at large. To kick off this initiative, over 35 letterpress artists attending the 2021 Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum Wayzgoose put their wood type to good use creating posters celebrating diversity and inclusion.

PiP’s 2021 End of Year Fundraising Campaign

Partners in Print is living proof that grassroots generosity and community action are powerful forces for good. As you reflect on the meaningful experiences you’ve had through our classes, free events, and community collaborations, we hope you’ll consider PiP in your year-end giving plans.

Partners in Print's PRESS POWER letterpress event with Bureau of Fearless Ideas / Art Sanctuary (Seattle 2021).
Press Power at Bureau of Fearless Ideas

In November 2021, PiP led a letterpress printing workshop for kids at Seattle’s Sanctuary Art Center hosted by the Bureau of Fearless Ideas. Our poster design prompt: What do you want to say to your community (in 5 words or less)? Their candid, hand-printed responses — set in wood type — provide insight into being a kid during stressful times: Kindness is the Best Solution; The World Loves You; Be Brave; Just Breathe; Be Nice to Art; Fulfill Your Dreams; Be Confident and Be Yourself; Black Queen; This is a Beautiful City; and (as a PSA): Cocoa & Oreos are Good!

Sticker Giant Customer Stories: Partners in Print clear sticker sheet

Sticker Giant × PiP: Letterpress for the Greater Good

In-kind support plays an important role in amplifying Partners in Print’s impact and furthering our mission. We’re deeply grateful for Sticker Giant, suppliers of the festive stickers we use for events, community projects, and packaging. Learn more about our partnership in Andrew Matranga’s article.

A Next Fest visitor holds an "Insist on Humanity" letterpress print in front of a wall of rainbow-colored prints at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA), October 2021.

BIMA × PiP: We Are All Connected

For our first in-person Press Power event, PiP joined the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA) and local LGBTQ organizations in elevating and commemorating transgender lives at the opening of Molly Vaughan: Project 42. Visitors created messages of radical love and acceptance, then added them to a rainbow wall of color emphasizing that We Are All Connected.

PiP × OneAmerica: Immigrant Power, Collective Change

Immigrant Power, Collective Change

On September 11th PiP put the finishing touches on a special print celebrating OneAmerica’s 20th Anniversary. Founded immediately after 9/11/2001 to address discrimination against immigrant communities, OneAmerica builds movements led by people of color and their allies to create a more just, democratic, and compassionate society.

Letterpress news from PiP: Building Print Futures

LEAD × PiP: Building Print Futures

Print Futures supports new voices in letterpress by building bridges between emerging printers working in educational institutions, community centers, and professional shops. This free, quarterly series is co-produced by Letterpress Educators of Art & Design (LEAD) and Partners in Print (PiP), and launched Fall 2021 with a 2-hour virtual event.

Commissioned letterpress print of poem by Rena Priest.

Commissioned Poetry Broadside: Rena Priest

PiP was commissioned to print an edition of broadsides of Beach Fire, written by Washington state Poet Laureate Rena Priest. The letterpress prints will be distributed at Poet Laureate events.

Letterpress news from PiP: Ladies of Letterpress Conference 2021 • Everyone Welcome

LoLP × PiP: Everyone Welcome

In September 2021 PiP partnered with the Ladies of Letterpress Conference (LoLP) for 3 events. We co-produced two online workshops (Demystifying the Windmill with Jami Heinricher and Destressing Reduction Prints with Mike Hepher), and PiP’s own Annabelle Larner spoke about using letterpress to effect social change on the Printmaking as Advocacy panel.

Letterpress news from PiP: Seattle Art Book Fair • Makeready 2021 Studio Visit
PiP Studio Tour: Seattle Art Book Fair (May 2021)

Partners in Print joined SABF for Makeready 2021, a free virtual event exploring the process of making an art book. Online programming occurred over 3 weekends and included conversations, studio visits, workshops, and more. On May 29, Sukhie Patel and Jenny Wilkson gave a presentation about PiP’s history, programming, and projects.

Letterpress news from PiP: Nothing Impresses Like Letterpress (by John D. Berry for Alta magazine)
Nothing Impresses Like Letterpress

In the Spring 2021 issue of Alta magazine, Seattle typographer John D. Berry celebrates the persistence of the Pacific Northwest letterpress print community amidst a pandemic defined by digital connections.

Letterpress news from PiP: GiveBig Spring 2021 Fundraising campaign.
PiP’s Spring 2021 Fundraising Campaign

Partners in Print thanks all who contributed to GiveBIG, Washington state’s annual nonprofit fundraising campaign. With your support we surpassed our financial goal, keeping our presses rolling and programs growing in our inaugural year.

Hamilton Hang: Jenny Wilkson of Partners in Print

A pandemic can’t stop the presses — or the letterpress community! In this presentation hosted by Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, Jenny Wilkson discusses the evolution of PiP and how the letterpress community can collaborate in a time of social distancing.

Engage, Inform, Print, Repeat: How Printers Work and Play in Democracy

Representatives from Partners in Print, the Press at MICA, and the Amalgamated Coloured Printers Association led a discussion with civic leaders on the power of the printed word, better communication through art, and mobilizing communities! It was presented by the National Conference on Citizenship (NCOC)

Letterpress news from PiP: Hope is Action! Print Exchange
Hope is Action! Print Exchange

“Hope is not an emotion, it’s an action.” That powerful reminder sparked the Hope is Action! print exchange, hosted by The Printing Museum. Letterpress printers across the U.S. created meaningful works to share with their communities, inspire positive change, and put hope into action.

Letterpress news from PiP: Words of Courage article from SAL/ON
Words of Courage with Sierra Nelson, Ann Teplick, and Jenny Wilkson

WITS writers and PiP printers share the joy and heartbreak of helping young poets and patients of Seattle Children’s Hospital craft their own stories. This decade-long collaboration between the Writers in the Schools program, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and Partners in Print illustrates how letterpress printing makes a meaningful impact in our community.

Letterpress news from PiP: Plan What You Can, But Prepare for Twists and Turns
Creators: Plan What You Can, But Prepare for Twists and Turns

“We had no idea what we were getting into.” Follow the twists and turns of the Kickstarter campaign to print and publish the epic poem One River: A Thousand Voices by Washington State Poet Laureate Claudia Castro Luna. PiP’s Jenny Wilkson and Castro Luna offer valuable insights on navigating the uncharted waters of a crowdfunded letterpress project.

Letterpress news from PiP: ACPA Voter Mobilization Initiative
ACPA × PiP: Voter Mobilization Initiative

PiP partnered with the Amalgamated Coloured Printers Association (ACPA) in 2020 for a nationwide voter mobilization initiative, in which printer affiliates provided communities with letterpress printed posters encouraging voter engagement.

Letterpress news from PiP: Words of Courage Highlight with Ecological FIbers
Words of Courage Highlight with Ecological Fibers

Eye-catching portfolios house the letterpress broadsides of young poets receiving treatment at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Bookmakers and letterpress artists from PiP share the process of lovingly handcrafting fine book cloth donated by Ecological Fibers into an elegant presentation for this purpose-driven project.

Partners in Print at the Seattle Design Festival 2020

Design in Public’s Seattle Design Festival celebrated its 10th anniversary with the theme “About Time.” In partnership with Design in Public, artists from PiP amplified coomunity-sourced messages of hope, social justice and resilience. Watch the power of words cut through the digital noise as printers crank on vintage Vandercook presses with ink and paper.